Been gone

Posted by Danielle on 10:35 PM, 30-Nov-12

And it's been quite a while since my last post. Far, far too long.

What have I been doing? Glad you asked. (Even if you didn't.)
Mainly I've been working on the Dragon's Fire series. You guys really make my month when I see the numbers rising on the latest installment because I realize you've read all of them up to that point. When I started, I thought I'd sell maybe 10 copies. I'm doing pretty snazzy now...not up to the high numbers of the big names but I'll get there one day.

Also started up The Fire Journal which follows in the same format meaning episodes coming out. These are a bit longer, grown up, and darker than Dragon's Fire. The first one is free almost everywhere except Amazon. It'll get there one day.

Hope you guys have been having a great time. I'll be back soon.

Busy Bee Me

Posted by Danielle on 07:59 AM, 30-Apr-12

I have been severely lacking in keeping up with this blog which of course is a great thing. I spend all my free time writing or looking around for great covers. If I was artistic, I would probably have a bunch more books out. Soldiers of Legend: Collision came out about a month ago. I really like that one. I... [Read More]

Been Swamped

Posted by Danielle on 09:43 PM, 13-Mar-12

I have not updated in a while but I have been just beyond busy. Want to know with what? 1. Dragon’s Fire books are coming soon. Want the titles? Secrets of Steel, Fire Blast, and Molten Steel. Can you guess who is making a comeback? 2. Soldiers of Legend: Collision is being prepared for early April. We get to meet another squad.... [Read More]

Who Are These People?

Posted by Danielle on 02:40 AM, 23-Feb-12

When writing a series, and I have two going on right now, there can be moments when it tests your sanity. Like when a character appears and you cannot remember who he or she is. How do you keep all of these people seperate? I am a fan of doing things the traditional way. I have a notepad with the names... [Read More]